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No POS Integration

DashPass works with 100% of existing POS terminals. There are no hardware integration costs to accept DashPass.

Smart Phone Controlled

All instructions for the card are delivered securely from the DashPass app. There is no data on the card itself!

Bluetooth 4.0 Enabled

DashPass connects to any Bluetooth phone both on the iOS and Android platform to accept instructions on what to do next!

Currency Agnostic

Whether it’s loyalty points, dollars, pounds, yen or any other form of currency the DashPass app can handle any type of transaction.


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Fully Programmable

With the DashPass™ SDK, your developers can take advantage of the most versatile card out there.


Low powered card can be recharged in minutes.

Multiple Host Cards

Manage more than one card from your mobile device and assign a customized profile to each.

Payment Card Integration

DashPass™ can act as any of your existing credit cards.

Upgradeable Firmware

Every time there is a new firmware or a new feature available, DashPass™ will update automatically.

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Location Based

You can preset behaviours based on location.

RFID Enabled

DashPass™ Card can do more than just pay at POS.

Secure Encryption

All the data from and to the card is encrypted and meets the highest industry standards.

Cloud Based

DashPass™ does not hold any sensitive data on the card, your data is never at risk even with a lost card.

And much more!

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- Director - Major Hotel Chain 5/5 Stars!

"Absolutely Brilliant!"

- Payment Industry CEO 5/5 Stars!

"I can't imagine my life without it!"

- Donald Trump Jr. 5/5 Stars!

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SCREEN An Extra Step in Security
SCREEN Manage all your Cards
SCREEN Pay with Credit Card
SCREEN Gift Card
SCREEN Manage ANY kind of Card
SCREEN Hotel Room Access
SCREEN Your DashPass Stats

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